About Us


         CHIYAO-TEK CO., LTD. was established in 2012 by a highly experienced team for specializing in LED lighting products. We dedicate to develop new products and solutions for the customer's need both financially and creatively. The professional RD team is constantly striving to find new concepts for our clients. The operators and quality control staff follow the SOP to confirm the quality of products. We deeply believe much of our success comes from client's success. Therefore, offering high C/P products with high quality products is our responsibility.


       Our factories are located in Taiwan. We have extensive experience in doing OEM/ODM business in accordance with customer's need. We provide both standard & customized LED lighting applications, which have a complete quality control system as well to ensure high quality standard. With CHIYAO-TEK you can be confident that our Leading Technologies, Superior Quality, Competitive Prices and Excellent Service can meet your expectations. 


        LIGHTEK is a brand of CHIYAO-TEK CO., LTD. that leverages up CHIYAO-TEK products to be better quality than other competing products. Moreover, it means lighten up the world through the technology. We expect to create infinite possibilities through green technology, and make the future better.



Product Features

1. Light: It is easy to install anywhere.
2. Ultra Slim: Only 1~2cm thickness it is!
3. Content Replaceable: Using magnetic frame to change the content     easily.
4. Brightness Uniformity: ZBD(Zero Bright Dot) makes perfect display.
5. Fashion: Variable frames with fashion design.
6. Durability: The life time is more than 30,000 hours and low     maintenance cost.
7. Energy Saving: Power saving is over 80% than the fluorescent tube.

display fixture

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