Crystal LED Light Box Display

Crystal LED Light Box Display - Desktop

Model:LSS (Desktop)
New item advertisements
Art gallery and museum for artistic display
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LIGHTEK's crystal LED light box displays offer a sleek and luminous solution for showcasing your most prized visuals. Ideal for new item advertisements, art galleries, and museums, these displays illuminate artwork and promotional materials with crystal-clear brilliance. Designed for both portrait and landscape orientations, they feature a removable acrylic tabletop easel for versatile countertop presentation. The magnetic loading display panel allows for effortless content changes, while the edge-lit acrylic panel ensures even light distribution across the entire display. Made in Taiwan and backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, LIGHTEK's crystal LED light box displays deliver a captivating and reliable platform to elevate your visual presentations.

Cosmetic DisplayCosmetic Display

1. Able to display a portrait or landscape.

2. Includes a removable acrylic tabletop easel.

3. Stand on the countertop.

4. Magnetic loading display panel.

5. Edge-Lit acrylic panel.

6. 1 year manufactures warranty.

7. Made in Taiwan.


Overall Frame Size Standard Size, Custom Size
Backlit Graphic Size --
Visual Area --
Thickness 8mm
Frame Rail Width --
Weight --
Material Acrylic
Finish Clear 
Frame Color Clear 
Light Type Edge-lit LED (With LGP)
Color Temperature 7000K (White Light)
Adapter Output By dimension
Orientation Stand horizontally or vertically
How to Change Graphics

1. With the three-sided magnetic design, it is easier to replace the graphic.
2. With the square beaded mirror design, it looks beautiful yet very convenient to get installed.

How to Install the Lightbox

1. Two ways to use: one is standing on the table and the other way is mounting on the wall.
2. Signage can be replaced by simply unscrewing the standoff fixtures, then inserting an updated advertisement, menu or poster.

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