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Slim LED Light Box - Desktop

Model:LES A4 (210x290mm)

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In the realm of contemporary interior design, the Slim LED Light Box and Light Box Supply have emerged as essential components, seamlessly melding form and function. Architects and designers are increasingly drawn to the versatility and sophistication offered by these lighting solutions.

The Slim LED Light Box, characterized by its slim profile and brilliant illumination, has transformed the way spaces are illuminated. Its unobtrusive design complements various architectural styles, casting a soft and inviting glow across rooms. Whether in retail environments or art galleries, the Slim LED Light Box elevates visual displays, captivating audiences and creating an immersive experience.

Meanwhile, Light Box Supply plays a pivotal role in providing a consistent and reliable source of illumination. Its adaptability and ease of installation make it a popular choice among designers and architects. With Light Box Supply, spaces are infused with uniform lighting, enhancing visibility and ambiance in commercial settings, offices, and hospitality venues.

When these elements converge, they form an ambiance that seamlessly blends aesthetics and practicality. The Slim LED Light Box and Light Box Supply work harmoniously to illuminate spaces in a manner that is both visually appealing and functional. The interplay of light and shadow accentuates architectural details, creating an atmosphere that is both captivating and comfortable.

As industry leaders, we understand the significance of these elements in modern design. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that our Slim LED Light Box and Light Box Supply meet the highest industry standards. Embrace the future of illumination with our cutting-edge solutions, enhancing your spaces with brilliance and style.

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Overall Frame Size 210x290mm
Backlit Graphic Size 197x276mm
Visual Area 180x260mm
Thickness 15mm
Frame Rail Width 15mm
Weight 1.2kg
Material Aluminum Extrusion Materials
Finish Anodized
Frame Color Silver and Black and Customized
Light Type Edge-lit LED (With LGP)
Color Temperature 7000K (White Light)
Adapter Output 12V/4W
Orientation Stand horizontally or vertically


How to Change Graphics

1. Open the magnetic frame.

2. Insert the translucent graphics into the left side and then right side.

3. Smooth the graphics and then insert into the bottom.

4. Close the magnetic frame.

(Video is as follow:Https://

How to Install the Lightbox

Removable acrylic stand allows to be displayed in horizontal or vertical orientation.

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