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Magnetic Lightbox

Trade show displays
Cosmetic or jewelry display shelves and cabinets
Interior design for hotels or restaurants or office
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LIGHTEK, a magnetic lightbox manufacturer, creates illuminated displays that combine modern aesthetics with user-friendly functionality. Our lightboxes are ideal for trade show booths, cosmetic and jewelry displays, and enhancing interior design in hotels, restaurants, and offices. We've simplified graphic changes with our innovative three-sided magnetic design. Effortlessly open the magnetic frame on three sides, insert your graphic, and close the frame – it's that simple! This user-friendly feature saves you valuable time and effort, allowing for quick and easy updates to keep your visuals fresh and engaging. Choose LIGHTEK, the magnetic lightbox manufacturer committed to illuminating your brand with style and ease.

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How to Change Graphics

With the three-sided magnetic design, it is easier to replace the graphic.

How to Install the Lightbox

Mount the lightbox directly to a wall by using the wall hanging brackets and screws.

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