Illuminated Sidewalk Sign

Illuminated Sidewalk Sign

Model:Outdoor LED Sidewalk Sign
For mobile coffee stands
Outdoor exhibition promotion
Roadside store display
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LIGHTEK's illuminated sidewalk signs are the perfect solution for eye-catching outdoor advertising. Designed for mobile coffee stands, roadside stores, and outdoor exhibitions, these single-sided signs command attention and effectively broadcast your marketing messages. Equipped with long-life, low-maintenance LEDs, they offer brilliant illumination with minimal upkeep. The IP67 waterproof certification ensures reliable performance in any weather, while the easy-in, easy-out slide-in sign holder simplifies sign changes. Powered by 12V DC with a UL-approved power supply, LIGHTEK's illuminated sidewalk signs are made-to-order, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your unique needs.

1. Illumination commands attention to your marketing message.

2. Only for single-sided

3. LED's have a long life with low maintenance.

4. Easy in, easy out slide-in sign holder.

5. Waterproof Certification: IP67

6. Our products are available in DC 12V. We also provide a UL approved power supply.

7. Made-to-order

Overall Frame Size Can be combined with outdoor light box: LGS model
Recommended size: less than 60x120 cm
Standard Size, Custom Size
Backlit Graphic Size --
Visual Area --
Thickness --
Frame Rail Width --
Weight --
Material Aluminum Extrusion Plus Iron Materials
Finish Anodizing Plus Paint Protection
Frame Color Black and Customized
Light Type Edge-lit LED (With LGP)
Color Temperature 7000K (White Light)
Adapter Output By dimension
Orientation --
How to Change Graphics:

With four-sided opening and closing, it is easier to replace the graphic.

How to Install the Lightbox

Some Basic Tools Are Required.

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