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Sign board for coffee shop

Logo sign for retail shops
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Professional Outdoor Light Box Signs Suppliers! Our products are perfect for coffee shops and retail shops, providing eye-catching displays for your brand.

Our light box signs feature a square edge-lit design with opal acrylic panel and backlit illuminating LED. This ensures your graphics are displayed with bright, white light shining inside the edges of the light box. Plus, with side mounting options and both countertop or wall hanging functionality, our light box signs are versatile and designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our light box signs are made with an aluminum extrusion and plastic round corner with a black anodized finish, giving them a sleek and modern appearance. They are available in standard or custom sizes, and are 40mm thick with a frame rail width of 20mm.

To post your graphic, simply remove the front and rear opal acrylic panels and place your printed graphic inside. After posting, insert the panels back into the light box and lock the screws into place. And with four holes on the fixed base, mounting our light box signs to a flat wall is easy.

Choose our Outdoor Light Box Signs Suppliers for your business needs and get high-quality, durable, and effective displays. Order yours today!

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1. Plastic round corner.

2. Works as both countertop or wall hanging frame.

3. Designed for outdoor or indoor.

4. Square Edge Lit Light Box.

5. Opal acrylic panel with backlit illuminating LED – shines your graphic with light inside the edges of light box.

6. Side mounting.


Overall Frame Size Standard Size, Custom Size
Backlit Graphic Size --
Visual Area --
Thickness 40mm
Frame Rail Width 20mm
Weight --
Material Aluminum Extrusion Plus Plastic Round Corner
Finish Anodized 
Frame Color Black and Customized
Light Type Edge-lit LED (With LGP)
Color Temperature 7000K (White Light)
Adapter Output By dimension
Orientation Mounts horizontally or vertically
How to Change Graphics

1. How to post the graphic: Remove the front and rear opal acrylic panels and posted the printed on it.
2. How to remove opal acrylic panels: Remove 2 screws from the upper and lower, remove the side aluminum strip, pull out the front and rear opal acrylic panels.
3. After posted: insert the front and rear panels into the light box, insert the side aluminum bar, and lock the screw fixation up and down.

How to Install the Lightbox

There are four holes on the fixed base, and once the flat wall is selected, the screws are locked into the hole position.

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