Light Box Trade Show Display

Light Box Trade Show Display - Indoor Wall Mounted

Model:LIS 80180S (818x1815mm)
Art gallery and museum for artistic display
Cosmetic or jewelry display shelves and cabinets
Interior design for hotels or restaurants or office
Trade show displays
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LIGHTEK light box trade show displays offer brilliant illumination and sleek design, perfect for showcasing products and captivating audiences. Available in 818mm x 1815mm portrait or landscape orientations, these displays enhance art galleries, museums, cosmetic and jewelry showcases, interior design settings, and trade show booths. Long-life LEDs ensure brilliant, low-maintenance illumination, while a laser-engraved light guide plate guarantees even light distribution, drawing attention to your message. The slim 20mm frame profile adds a modern touch, while the DC 12V operation with a UL approved power supply ensures safety and efficiency. Made in Taiwan with meticulous attention to detail, LIGHTEK light box trade show displays are the ideal choice for illuminating your brand and captivating your audience.

food court lightbox theater lightbox

1. 818mmx1815mm portrait or landscape.

2. LED's have a long life with low maintenance.

3. Laser engraving light guide plate.

4. Illumination commands attention to your marketing message.

5. Thin frame profile only 20mm thick.

6. Made in Taiwan.

7. Our products are available in DC 12V. We also provide a UL approved power supply.

8. Made to order, any size. Custom sizes up to 120cm x 240cm.


Overall Frame Size 818x1815mm
Backlit Graphic Size 802x1799mm
Visual Area 758x1755mm
Thickness 20mm
Frame Rail Width 30mm
Weight 9.7kg
Material Aluminum Snap Frame
Finish Anodized 
Frame Color Silver and Black and Customized
Light Type Edge-lit LED (With LGP)
Color Temperature 7000K (White Light)
Adapter Output 12V/45W
Orientation Mounts horizontally or vertically
How to Change Graphics

With four-sided opening and closing, it is easier to replace graphics.

LIS Snap Frame Slim Lightbox Installation Instruction

How to Install the Lightbox

There are holes drilled in the inside corners of the frame and may be mounted directly to wall without using the wall hanging bracket.

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