Outdoor LED Poster

Outdoor LED Poster - Weatherproof

Model:LGS 60180S (639x1839mm)
Promote a business in outdoor locations such as external walls, walkways, and casinos.
Adding light to an outdoor sign display will increase impact and draw people in to inquire about your objects and services.
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LIGHTEK outdoor LED posters are the ultimate solution for illuminating your business in high-visibility outdoor locations. Perfect for external walls, walkways, and casinos, these slim, weatherproof displays command attention and draw customers in. The thin 25mm frame profile delivers a modern aesthetic, while energy-efficient LED lighting ensures cost-effective operation, illuminating your marketing message with brilliant clarity. IP67 waterproof certification guarantees durability in any weather, and the quality aluminum snap frame construction allows for easy graphic changes. Backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, LIGHTEK outdoor LED posters are the perfect way to amplify your brand's presence and make a lasting impression.

outdoor lightbox

1. Only Orientation for wall mounted. It depends on the drainage hole.

2. Thin frame profile only 25mm thick.

3. LED Lighting is a cost-efficient low voltage energy-saving technology.

4. Illumination commands attention to your marketing message.

5. Waterproof Certification: IP67

6. Quality aluminum snap frame construction.

7. 1 year manufactures warranty.

8. Made to order, any size. Custom sizes up to 120cm x 240cm.


Overall Frame Size 639x1839mm
Backlit Graphic Size 623x1823mm
Visual Area 579x1779mm
Thickness 25mm
Frame Rail Width 30mm
Weight 11.6kg
Material Aluminum Snap Frame
Finish Anodized 
Frame Color Silver and Black and Customized
Light Type Edge-lit LED (With LGP)
Color Temperature 7000K (White Light)
Adapter Output 12V/45W
Orientation Mounts horizontally or vertically
How to Change Graphics

With four-sided opening and closing and special structure of waterproofing design, it is easier to replace the graphic. (Outdoors)

LGS Water Resistant Slim Lightbox Installation Instruction

How to Install the Lightbox

1. With unique groove design of the sides, it offers greater installation flexibility.
2. Drainage holes are provided at the bottom of the lightboxes.

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